you are vital in ensuring
sustainability for communities

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VITALS is ASH’s new monthly giving program to ensure the vitals of the community are looked after.

When you arrive at the hospital, the first thing the doctor does is check your vitals: pulse, temperature, and blood pressure.

These indicators are important in formulating what to do next.

Just as you have VITALS,
so does a community.


ASH Community Centers provide access to basic medical care including primary care services, medicine, vaccines, and maternal/child services. Access to quality, local medicine is the first step to improving and sustaining health.

Together, these VITALS define the necessary components for sustained health.


A monthly recurring donation will support the heartbeat of the community in order to keep it functioning, growing, and evolving.

It's not a band-aid. Instead, it's a slow and steady support that enacts long-term change and progress.

What do you mean by sustainability?

Helping a community become financially and locally sustainable is the ultimate goal.

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Where's my money going?

Your money supports the nuts and bolts of vital programs within the community aiming to promote health and sustainability.

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Meet the funders

Big love to our founding members!

Andre de la Cruz

Joanna Pyun

Nhan A Ly

Thank you for believing in VITALS!

Danielle Lee

Leah Chang

Penton Mott

Dian Le

Duyen Pham

Mijung & Yoon Kyu Chang

Michelle Chang

Peter Gent


Special thanks to:

Rick Pollack

Jardson A

Kevin Augustine Lo

Yamini Chandra

Christopher Holm-Hansen

Edward Boatman