Frequently Asked Questions!

Why the name Ambassadors for Sustained Health?

When our founder Michelle began planning for this organization her senior year of college, she considered a lot of different names, and it wasn't easy. She wanted a name that was straightforward, unassuming, and advocating healthcare that lasted generations, and none were making the cut. Until the idea of "Ambassador" appeared, and it stuck. Now we always like to introduce ourselves as Ambassadors for Sustained Health, because that's exactly who we are.

Where are you located?

In short, we're spread across the United States. Our core and crew are located in Boston, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles (as well as Kenya!) and our Ambassadors are located all around the world.

ASH operates a little bit differently from other global health organizations in that we are a 100% volunteer driven in the United States. We do this for a number of reasons, but mainly because we'd like to keep the focus on our work in Kenya and remain transparent in how every donation dollar is spent.

Because of that, we keep our administrative and operational costs to a minimum which, among other things, means no office! However, if you're looking to meet one of us, contact us, or come to one of our events in your area! And if you're looking to send us a check in the mail, you can send it here.

How can I help out?

Check out our support page where you can share ASH with your friends, fundraising for ASH, or donate to Wamuini. If you're a company with a product or service that you'd think would help us and our cause, we'd love for you to get in touch with us!

I'd love to see ASH work in another community I know of/live in. Can we make that happen?

In due time, we'd love to see ourselves partnering with more communities! But right now, the scale of our organization and commitment to "fixing all the holes in one bucket" limits us to working with one community at a time.

However, we believe our health model is something anyone can adapt to impoverished communities around the world. (And we really mean everyone. We're just a bunch of 20-somethings with full-time jobs, for example.) and would be so excited to see others take our model and run with it. If this is something that fancies you, let us know and we'll do whatever we can to help!

Have a question for us? Hit us up at our contact page and ask!