An overview of what we do and why we do it.

Health is so much
more than healthcare.

Because when it comes to healthcare, there is more to it than handing someone a pill and walking away. To us, true health is defined more broadly. It involves medical care, but also includes the development of economic opportunity, housing, clean water, and education. It's providing quality healthcare, but also preventing the perpetuation of disease and empowering the community to retain these benefits for generations to come.

This definition of health is why we exist. We partner with communities to not just to get them healthy, but to keep them healthy, and we don't do it just one way, but by every means necessary.

Got 5 minutes? Get some background on the global health crisis, and learn about the kind of work we do with our partner communities.

What does it mean to sustain health?

Over a billion people are stuck in a cycle of disease and poverty that is completely escapable — with just a little help. Sustaining health means getting people healthy and keeping them healthy.

  • The problem: The world's poor get sick and can't get better because they...

    Not having any health plan or treatment nearby. // Family members dying from preventable, treatable illnesses. // Drinking and bathing in unclean, contaminated water. // A living situation that is overcrowded and prone to disease. // No income to send children to school. // Living in an area where no steady jobs are available. // People surviving day-to-day.

  • The resolution: We can get people healthy and keep them healthy if...

    Medical facilities and treatment are affordable, close to home, and effective. // Diseases are diagnosed accurately and treated early. // There is a long-term clean water source for people to use freely. // Homes are better designed to be cost-effective and sanitary. // Children are able to go to school and pursue a career after graduation. // Men and women are given the chance to earn a reasonable income. // People are able to plan for months and years ahead.

The Community Center

If you build it, health will come.

An ASH Community Center

Staffed and managed by the people, community centers are the hub that make everything else possible.

An ASH Community Center is the living, breathing expression of our mission. Sustained health is an ideal, but a community center is our tangible hub for progress. We've found that it helps to develop a central, brick and mortar operation to headquarter all of our projects and initiatives.

The Five Initiatives

Communities stay healthy when these five areas are improved. Here we outline how we approach each initiative and possible projects and means to achieve sustainability.

Medical Care

ASH Community Centers provide access to basic medical care including primary care services, medicine, vaccines, and maternal/child services. Access to quality, local medical care is the first step to improving and sustaining health.

Economic Opportunity

ASH Community Centers work to improve local economies by injecting new life into the workforce through vocational training and partnerships with local school and businesses. ASH also partners with village banking organizations to encourage and train local entrepreneurs to create and sustain local businesses.


ASH Community Centers provide a safe environment where local students can enroll in tutoring services and after-school help. ASH trains and hires local tutors to mentor the young ones and work to decrease dropout rates in their communities.


ASH Community Centers partner with architects and development organizations to create improved housing designs based on local needs and materials. Much of the world's poor live in substandard housing conditions that often perpetuate disease and lead to chronic illness.

Clean Water

ASH partners with sustainable water organizations to provide impoverished communities better access to clean water. We look for localized clean water solutions that are practical, efficient and sustainable across generations.

A Changed Community in Ten Years

We want communities to bring themselves out of disease and poverty.

10 years

We know that charity is temporary.

Charity is an unsustainable resource for an impoverished community. That's why each community center is developed to generate its own revenue and become financially sustainable within 10 years. ASH's objective is to use charity as a catalyst for lasting change.

The Bucket Theory

There are a lot of approaches to charity and global inequality out there.
This is our take on it, conveniently illustrated with buckets.

  • 1

    A community is a bucket.

  • 2

    Healthy communities
    are full buckets.

  • 3

    Unhealthy ones are
    broken, leaky buckets.

  • 4

    Some have tried to fill buckets without fixing the holes.

  • 5

    Others fix one type of leak
    across many buckets.

  • 6

    We want to focus on one bucket, fix all the holes, and fill it.

That's not all. A few more things about ASH:

  • 100% to communities, 0% to American operations

    The 100% Promise: Every dollar you donate goes to partnered communities.

    We like to keep things honest and simple and we think 100% is about as honest and simple as it gets. Private donors cover any operational costs and banking fees we incur, so you don't have to.

  • Photos and video of our time on site

    Staying engaged: We want to show you how your money is spent.

    It's important to us that our donors, fundraisers, and the general public know their donations are put to good use, so we work hard to provide photos, video, and frequent updates of everything happening on site.

  • ASH runs on the dedication of volunteers

    People helping people: We operate completely on the efforts of volunteers.

    Our core team, general staff, consultants, and Ambassadors around the globe all donate their time and services to the cause, allowing more of our funds to directly improve the lives of our partner communities.