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We have raised $8,439* out of $10,000

and our Kenyan staff has served 6,255* out of the goal of 10,000

*Updates made every 2 weeks.

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About 10K Nation

Children standing by Community Centre sign Children carrying water jugs

In 2012, the ASH Wamuini Community Center serviced close to 5,000 people through the center’s medical provisions, programs and health talks throughout the region. That means the center helped all of those people improve their health, and get them on the track to staying healthy.

To continue this momentum, we created 10K Nation, as we strive to raise greater awareness on the importance of sustained health. This year, we’re aiming to double our reach and aim to service 10,000 people by the end of 2013. We are already well on track, and with new programs and health talks being planned by our Kenyan staff at the Community Center, we know we can make it happen—but not without the help of our supporters and ASH mates!

How can you help? Help us keep our community center running and keep our resources alive. To reach 10,000 people, we’re raising awareness of our mission on health and spreading the news of our community center, and raising $10,000 along the way. In order to keep our community center open and to ensure that our staff can continue to keep our programs running, and expand upon new ones, we need the proper resources.

A small donation can go a long way, especially knowing we are going to impact 10,000 people to improve their health. Learn more first about our approach, here.

Get Involved: ASH Bash 10K Run/Walk

Saturday, October 5 (NYC & SF) | Saturday, October 12 (Boston & LA)

As part of our 10K Nation initiative, we’re throwing ASH Bash across the country with a real focus on health—a 10K run!

Each year, as we close out summer and head into fall, we throw our annual ASH Bash to celebrate ASH’s birthday and the milestones we’ve hit for the year. We’re hitting up NY, Boston, LA and SF! Join us as we run to get people healthy and keep them healthy.

More information on ASH Bash and city run details at www.stayclassy.org/ASHBash

About Ash

Ambassadors for Sustained Health (ASH) is a non-profit organization that partners with communities to break the cycle of poor health. Our initiatives are designed for long-term results and maintained locally, empowering communities from within through health and opportunity.

We believe health involves much more than medicine. To us, true health is defined on a broader platform. With that, we take a five-pronged holistic approach to sustained health. Find out more on our website.